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Lady Gaga Schools the Haters

Let’s face it. You know when your favorite pop diva is a well oiled/produced machine or if they really have the goods and in Lady Gaga’s case, she’s got the goods and more. There is ZERO doubt this chick has pipes and for any of the critics/haters out there? I’ve got a message for ya: you don’t have to love her, you don’t even have to like her, but you CAN. NOT. take away her talent. This is from the much anticipated Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek LIVE!, airing October 24 on PBS.

Can’t wait for this. In the meantime, buy the album Cheek to Cheek, it’s pretty amaze nuts.

Sidebar: I love her hair like this. Yup.

Ladies and Germs, you may or may not know of Chicago’s own Jan Terri. I was just introduced to her by my new Austin hubby (I have a ‘mo’s in every area code) Nathan and sweet baby cheesus, where has she been all of my life. The hair, the facial expressions, the leather trousers and of course, the adorable speech impediment. I am seriously, officially obsessed. I present to you, Losing You by Jan Terri, dubbed “The Worst Music Video Ever” and the interwebs couldn’t be more incorrect if they tried. Priceless. Volume up please. Oh, and YOU are welcome.


Why I Love Big Brother UK



Well, there are actually many reasons why I love Big Brother UK and moreso, Celebrity Big Brother UK. This angel is Nikki Grahame from Plebeian Big Brother and she is a friggin’ superstar. Just watch this and enjoy the talents of Miss Nickki Grahame, UK Big Bruv circa 2006.



Martha Wash is an anomaly. We will only experience a voice like this once in a lifetime, not unlike Michael Jackson, Whitney and Mariah to name a few. In the ’90’s Martha’s skilled pipes were used for many a group’s ghost vocals, even Seduction’s “You’re My One and Only (True Love)” was ghost vocalled by her. When you watch this video of the girl whose face fronts Black Box and hear what she really sounds like, you will gag. Rock on, Martha Wash, you are a legend. Now someone get me some earplugs.


Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 6.27.59 PMI like this genre (syfy) and love this book! Having been a True Blood fangirl (yes, sticking with even through the bad seasons) and a lover of paranormal, I knew HIDE was going to be a fun read and it delivered! … starting with emotionally powerful relationships between the main character and his father and ending in the creepy little town that they’ve just been lured to. Great dialogue and rising suspense. Buckle up, it’s a fantastic thrill ride that will leave you biting at your nails! I flew through it but I hear there’s more to come and … I. Can’t. Wait.