Julianne Moore’s Shrimp Toes Were Screaming

by / Thursday, 16 May 2013 / Published in Actors, beauty, fashion

juliannestoesOMG! We have all been in the situation where we bought or maybe even just wore a pair of shoes that didn’t fit quite right. I am such a shoe whore that I have bought size 9 shoes (I’m a 7.5) or size 6.5 over the years, just because they didn’t have my size and I HAD to have them. I, however, was not on the red carpet in Cannes. Julianne Moore, is. She almost might’ve been better off with a pair of crocs than these torturous strappy bad boys. These little cocktail scrimps be holdin’ on for dear life. I know a stylist lost their job after this one. (via Dlisted)

One Response to “Julianne Moore’s Shrimp Toes Were Screaming”

  1. Roland says :

    Oh my! This is kind of awful. Why did you do that to yourself Julianne!


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