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21 Responses to “Images”

  1. MajesticDestiny says :

    Love your look here!!

  2. Cassidy says :

    i know the whole point is to look at Michelle since its her blog & everything, BUT look at Rus face in the purple outfit photo.. she looks so surprised/scared.

  3. Lundseh says :

    Looking good mama

  4. Elijah says :

    Okay Mama V this is just it for me like i can not go on anymore until you agree to take my hand in marriage.

  5. RoyaltyJ686 says :

    Glitterazzi forever….

  6. Jose says :

    Were u born a man michelle because ru said on his show to sharon that he was suppose to play a women when he decided to play u so yah I’m curious

    • Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      no darling, i am now and have always been a biological female, I am just a fierce female drag queen is all 😉

      • Cassidy says :

        I LERRRVE Michelle. Btw, I did ssssooooo much research on that!!! i had to re-watch that episode OVER AND OVER.
        & please tell me why Michelles little monster picture has Lipstick on.. Has to be glamorous and Fierce all over, huh?

  7. Cassidy says :

    *I feel all left out and stuffs* :’P

  8. Cassidy says :

    MY what?? lolololololololololololol
    OOOHHH ggguurrrlll. You messin with da WRONG> CHICK. lol I’m kidding.. don’t hurt me..

  9. Michael says :

    I was just looking through your pictures. The black and white is the money maker. It is just classy, elegant, sophisticated just like you. Living Gurl

  10. Maribel says :

    Michelle, why you gotta be SO YUMMIE!?!? <3

  11. Shanshoon says :

    Thank you for your honest and sassy judging
    On RuPaul’s Drag Race. I am a 43 year old married woman with almost grown kids and I just can’stop looking at you when you are commenting on the show! You are classy and funny and lovely! What a great combination! Thanks to you all for being an inspiration to every kind of lady to channel her inner funky diva. Can’t wait to see the next episode!

  12. Cassidy says :


  13. Elijah says :

    That wasn’t to you guuurl bye

  14. Cassidy says :


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