Prison Break Hottie Wentworth Miller FINALLY Comes Out!

by / Wednesday, 21 August 2013 / Published in Actors, Gays

MIllerWe are on a ROLL! I knew he was gay for years and I had hoped in his heyday that he would make a statement, but that didn’t happen and I know why. I am SURE everyone was up his ass (insert joke here) about not saying a word because of his heartthrob status and when you are young, successful and a cash cow for agents, you are in a situation I don’t wish on anyone who can’t be true to themselves.  BUT not only has Wentworth Miller FINALLY come out, but he also gave a 1-2 punch to Russia and their ridiculous anti-gay policies having to do with the upcoming Olympics. For all of that, today is YOUR day Wentworth! So so happy and proud. This has got to be extremely freeing for him. (via Glaad)

One Response to “Prison Break Hottie Wentworth Miller FINALLY Comes Out!”

  1. brYce says :

    That IS AWESOME !! — I have to admit, I did NOT see that one coming, …but GOOD FOR HIM !!
    All the best to you Wentworth. =)

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