1. OHEMGEE!!!!! this is one of the best.. videos? EVER!!! Lmfao .
    “who the freak says what couture is anyway? i dont get it ! for him to say “thats not couture” WELL ITS COUTURE TO ME GURL!” lmfao. story of my life, hunny.

  2. OK – I just watched your Rick Dees performance and I finally understand why you say Madonna stole your look, movies or whatever… YOU ARE ONE SICK BITCH! I kept thinking … who is that….. wait no bitch… THATS MICHELLE!

  3. OHh-MMY-GoD !!! What a trip! Michelle, I just ADORE you! I got acquainted with you via RuPaul’s drag race & just think that show wouldn’t be the same without you! – Your wit & personality are absolutely hysterical!!
    So in checking out your bio, I stumbled on your site here, & am astounded by your Rick Dee’s performance — What a blast from the past! I was like 11 years old then, & do remember sometimes staying up late to catch his show — But I had no idea that was your song! It brings me right back to middle school, as I remember how popular it was, & they like played it EVERYWHERE!
    – All the best !! You are totally the FIERCEST SICK BITCH !! You make me smile & laugh! =)

  4. If you didn’t know Michelle is a fierce as Queen, now you do. This is one person everyone should watch out for she gives 100% in everything she does, lovin her on Drag Race she gives good consistent critiques to the girls. Love Love Love the looks she has for judging she is amazing much love Michelle one fierce ass woman

    Love Ya

  5. Im so in love again!
    It takes 2 hit me over the weekend. Watching Detox on drag race…but its was You! The mannerisms, that beautiful face light up, something abt it killed me, took me back, but a new,improved version of all of us….and gawd i miss you singing!
    Weirdo Scorpio maybe, but it played,and played and played it. All damn day at wrk, could not get enough of that fkn song! Lol…..really hope your put out at least one more album! (Find it odd Ru never had u lay down something. …ow, ask him for sum drum and guitar on a song! Shiit,lol)
    While….Was in an odd depression funk for almost a year(no idea why) but u and ru….nooo idea how. Helped in ways u will nevet know! When i wasn’t losing my shit, i played season 4 taDeath! It was the 2of you that oddly felt comfortable. Maybe cause we kinda grew up.together.
    Aaaaany fkn how, im rambling, just a Thank u pretty!!
    For everything! (Hope this didnt come off koo-koo)
    (Save my ass a shirt, soooo getting on payday)
    Xxxxxx ger