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54 Comments to “ Contact Me”

  1. Gary Baker says :

    Hey Girl!!! I just wanted to stop by and thank you. You have been a huge inspiration for me. Last year I was struggling with coming out and really depressed. I was considering ending my life and I caught an episode of Drag Race and you made a comment that changed my life. I came out the next day. Becasue of you I walk tall and proud. You truly are my hero.
    I know your busy but if you could send me an autographed photo it would mean the world to me. Keep Rockin!! XOXOXOXO

    Gary B.

    1. Dimitri Provias says :

      Hey Gary,

      We all go through dark times in our lives. Just remember you can only be you and you can be happy when you realize you are just as wonderful and special as anyone you admire.

      You’ll never know what wonderful things you might yet achieve or what life has in store for you if you end it too soon.

      Stay strong and safe.

    2. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      baby doll i cant believe i JUST saw this!i love you immensely and i am SO proud of you! you are brave and most definitely a hero 😉 XOXOX love you!!

  2. hello beautiful, congratulations for your work on rupaul drag race did a phenomenal job, I’m from Colombia and would like to know if you can help me with information to send my video casting to RuPaul, and must contain the video, a kiss from Colombia through

  3. Rick Brams says :

    Hi Michelle, watched you emcee Ru paul drag race cruise. Was invited on cruise Sat morn 2.30 am , was on ship next day .I was not familiar with the drag race or Michelle Visage until i met some of your other guest. I instantly purchased a ticket for the shows. i found the show entertaining but without your brilliance and personae, i think it would have been an average collection of queens. Rick B

    1. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      thanks so much sweet rick!! XOXO

  4. Darlene Moore says :

    I was chasing you around the ship to get my damn T-shirt and never ended up getting it! (f***) Now I guess I have to purchase one on line! (lol) It was a pleasure meeting you on the cruise! Smooches

  5. Daniel Milks says :


    I wanted to personally thank you for all of your efforts on the drag stars at sea. It was so nice to work with you….. and I always felt like I wanted to treat you like a princess ( well a queen). You made the experience sooo incredibly awesome and I loved being by your side.. Thank you for being so kind, and I hope to be able to work with you in the future. Love you girl!

    1. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      you know how much i adore YOU dan…..

  6. Peter says :

    Hello Michelle,

    I was so fortunate to have met you on the cruise. I was the one at the Meet and Greet that told you how nervous I was even coming up to you to say hi. But you were so funny and warm, that smile of yours is infectious!! Thank you for being you and for making the trip a trip of a lifetime! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

  7. Jason says :

    Michelle, you’re 748 kinds of awesome and a total inspiration. Would love to see you do a show in Seattle one of these days! Thanks for being such an amazing LGBT ally. You rock.

  8. Susan E. Jones says :

    Hello Michelle,
    I’ve watched you on Rupauls Show and have always found you hilarious. I love your quirky sense of humour. Rupaul and yourself could def. do a stand up comic act. lol

    I did some research on you today and sad to say had no clue you’ve been in the music and acting business. So I hope you can forgive me for being clueless. However, I have a great excuse. I grew up on the Missionfield in Papua New Guinea from the age of time I was 5. My parents were Missionaries. PNG is the ISLAND North East of Australia. I could speak to you in person or by my private email. There are so many pple that watch the show that would love to prank me. However what I would like to talk to you about is extremely important to myself and my partner.

    1. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      OMG what an amazing story!! cant wait to hear more about you!! inbox me on FB

  9. Anne says :

    Hi Ms. Michelle Visage! I’m a Huge Huge Fan of Yours and Rupaul! Umm.. I’ve been Watching The Drag Race since season 1 and your my favorite JUDGE! haha LOVE U! and Be Stronger Be Fiercer and Live Long!

    1. Cat Swanson aka madcathatter says :

      We have the same monday night plans i take it. This season is getting better and better. Where do u watch? Me=SF-CA

  10. devin says :

    Michelle Visage You are the Best Thing That has happened to Rupaul’s Drag Race. I am wanting to do drag but dont know where to start. 🙁 i need you to help! 😀

    1. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      you just need to do it! go to a local drag night and start there baby!

  11. I have to share my website and say that ms Michelle is one of my inspirations for leaving a school teaching job and becoming a queen..not a drag queen.. just a queen….I so wish to share it with her and such fans! 🙂 love to you, Michelle!


  12. stephen says :

    ms.Visage you are so fabulous and so much fun to watch!. And ive got the VISAGE eyebrow stare down! lol i want all of your outfits. i checked out tequila rose-cool site. love it! and i am addicted to your world of wonder blog. o.k im gonna stop youre a super LADY! XO

    1. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      THANKS BABY!!!

  13. willow says :

    I just love you so much i wish i could hang out with you. im a bigger girl with big tits like you and i was always afried to show off my body but because of you i have confidence and that diva style now thanks to you! i love you girl keep up the beauty and the fierceness you bring to RuPauls. i wish i was a boy so i could try out and meet you even tho those ladies would kick my ass. i love you girl!

    1. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      baby girl be strong in who you are! LOVE yourself at any size and work it!! xoxo

  14. Tammy says :

    Hi Michelle,
    I am watching you on that sex show and I just wanted to tell you that I agree wholeheartedly about gay sex. I love it and I so love penis, so I get so turned on by it. I would also like to I loved your makeup as well. You are truly a beautiful woman. I have to say that last weeks episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was so funny, the girls really gave you some zingers on her roast. May I as how long you have known RuPaul and how hard does she actually work to look the way she does. I have so much respect and aww for these woman. Sharon Needles did a spot on immatation of you. Do you ever come to the New England area?

    1. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      thanks honey! i DO get there, was in boston not too long ago and i believe im coming back first week in june! bravo for hot gay sex 😉

  15. Kaitlyne Walford says :

    Hey michelle huge fan me and my family watch you every monday we were watching a episode when ru paul was roasted and coco said to ru you knew michelle when she was mica I was curious if you are a real woman

    1. Glitterazzi_Girl says :

      i am love, they are just having fun with me 😉

  16. Annemarie Jocelyn Bonner says :

    Hi! Big fan. Just wanted to let you know that I have decided on my Halloween costume. It’s you. But I really haven’t decided on the outfit…. Perhaps you could help me decide? Should I go with a popular past favorite, or one that you would want to wear in the future…? I would greatly appreciate the advice! Thank you and have a Rutastic day!

  17. Walt says :

    Hello you look amazing I’ve been a Hugh fan of Seduction omg you were smokin hot back then as well as now!! Whats the chance of an autographed pic of you ??? and maybe a 1990 pic as well and believe me it will be charished til the end. Hope to hear back from you.

  18. Joey says :


    I just wanted to say thank you for being so awesome and inspiring. It’s so wonderful to have such a fierce, confident, and talented person to look up to. I’ve struggled with my confidence lately as I have issues with my teeth that keep me from being as outgoing and happy as I would like to be. I have to try to force myself not to smile, so people don’t see…and I’ve just started avoiding conversing with people at all. It’s horrible. I would love to get it fixed so I can go on and enjoy my life to the fullest. I am only 23 years old after all, it’s way to early to give up! I have created a page on GoFundMe ( to see if I can get help with this. I am currently unemployed, and have no insurance. I’m completely stuck. If you know of any way at all to help, please let me know.


  19. Steve Archer says :

    Hi Michelle, Thanks for standing behind Leah Rimini when she left Scientology. Scientology publishes some of the worst homophobic statements of any “religion” today, and I was disappointed that Leah was a supporting member of that “church.” But I see from your comments that Leah herself was not a homophobe because she had encouraged you to go on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I read also that she had support Jason Beghe when he left Scientology in part because of its homophobia. Thanks for being a friend!

  20. Diva! I love you so much!

    I’ve created a DRAG QUEEN GAME and I’m trying to get funding on Kickstarter! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if you could check out my project and if you like it, spread my link! I want this game to reach the masses but I need help to get it there.

    Thank you so much for everything you do!
    <3 James

  21. Wendy (Wike) Schultz says :

    Michelle, I grew up on Fairmount Ave in So Plfd and babysat you and your brother David and worked in your dad Marty’s trophy shop in No Plainfield. How’s the family? I have 3 grown boys and 2 grandsons. Sounds like you have a very busy life! Well wishes to you!

  22. kay says :

    Hi Michelle I just want 2 say I reali love you & that u reali inspire me & by the way live in South -Africa.

  23. MaBarker says :

    Hi Michelle,I would just like to let you know,I adore watching you on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Please send me a photo of yourself, I would like to frame it. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Ma Barker.

  24. Remyvoodoo says :

    Me and my girlfriend catch Drag race every week, and we noticed that you and Ru always do an inside joke along the lines of “Why’s it gotta be a black dress?!?”. We were wondering if you guys got it from a Vice documentary based on the kkk vs. The crops. Because we have been saying it for a good couple of months and it caught us by surprise Haha

    Remy & Tawney

  25. fiercehunty says :

    Miss Visage, my b-e-a-utiful queen… We are so looking forward to seeing you in the UK in a few weeks (thanks for sending me a tweet to let me know you are coming over!!). There are three of us who are trying tooth and nail to get a chance to ‘meet and greet’ your sweet self, but all meet and greet sessions seem to be sold out. We live in Wales, but is there any chance we could meet you in London (even for one minute) to just shake your hand and have a quick picture with your fine self??

    (I’m going to inbox you on FB too, I have something to offer you as a thank you for making Rupaul’s Drag Race such a joy to watch!)

    We love you baby, this show would never be the same without you… Keep up your good work!!!


  26. cm66uk says :

    Michelle Dahling can you try and get fans in UK, to be able to view #Watchapackin, as it always comes up not from your location..
    Thanx doll

  27. Bustersf says :

    Girl, I just love u so much! We share the same birthday as well. Virgo’s rule! Love listening you and Rupaul’s Podcast. Brightens up my day listening you both laugh and having fun.
    much love

  28. Hey Michelle, You are fantastic on the Big Brother Show in London. We all love you here in Ireland. Best Wishes. We hope you win it. Keep cool.
    PTHM paddythehousemouse. Galway IRELAND

  29. jaomi says :

    hey all. having seen Michelle on CBB ive been falling in love with her. i am also wondering where she gets her equal rights t-shirts? i would love to get some for myself as i too like to campaign for equal rights for everyone regardless of gender, age, race, sexuality, ability/disability etc etc

  30. MissShandaG says :

    I have admired you for so long and I look up to you in so many ways. You are beautiful, empowered, talented, strong and brave. You are everything I aspire to be and more and I am so proud to call you a role model. Without even knowing it, you have helped me accept and embrace my flaws, imperfections and love myself and to celebrate who I am. I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community and Drag Queens are just my life. It would be a dream come true for me to do what you do. Travel the world with the wonderful people that you do and celebrate love, talent and equality. I will be attending the RDR Battle of the Seasons in Montreal on Feb 28th and absolutely cannot WAIT to meet you and thank you in person for how much you have immensely changed and impacted my life for the better. I hope you see this and know how much I appreciate you and love you.


  31. kathleen1957 says :

    Dear Michelle: You are GREAT on Rue Paul’s Drag Race. The show is good but it is GREAT because of you. You are look smashing and your comments are so funny & witty when the girls come down the runway. In addition, you have a real insight to the “girls”. You are the most interesting judge to listen to. Without
    Michelle Visage I don’t think we would watch Rue Paul’s Drag Race as religiously as we do. Waiting to see what your hair/makeup & wardrobe are is as much fun as watching the “girls” come down the runway. You are indeed beautiful, empowered, talented, strong and brave. A role model for all us women.

  32. Ron says :



    XO-RON M.

  33. NoahK says :

    Hello Miss M…just wanna know if you ship ur goodies in the shop, to Denmark? Love and respect Noah xx

    1. Bongo Belli says :

      Yes, you can now shop from Denmark… I think. 🙂 I’m told it’s all set up.

  34. hiseychelles says :

    Hey Michelle! You have been of my role models since I was in the 8th grade! I’ve always wanted to meet you. I live about 30 minutes away from Badlands in Sacramento & I am dying to meet you at your book signing BUT I’m only 17! If I have an adult with me could I get into Badlands for the signing? I have to meet you

  35. Ratchet_Couture says :

    Hello Mrs.Michelle Visage I know you probably get a lot of stories at least somewhat like mine but I still just wanted to send an extremely sincere thank you to you. You are simply amazing and I love you. Funny enough I used to be really jealous of you, I thought you were simply gorgeous the first time I saw you on Rupaul’s Drag Race. Over time I grew to be jealous of how feminine and stunning you are, almost to the point of resentment.

    That near hatred comes from the past two years of being teased for the way my body looks. I was called Eli or Elijah by my classmates because no matter how hard I tried to look feminine I always looked like a boy. I didn’t understand why they’d tease me, I had (and still have) long hair and I had breasts. I thought I looked like a girl. So seeing anyone who looked so much prettier than I made me angry, I wanted to be seen like I really am. I wanted to know why you had exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t have it. Back then I thought it was the most unfair thing ever! So I changed the way I looked, dressed and acted to be what seemed to be everyone’s definition of feminine.

    I ended up a ditzy and dumb mess which isn’t me at all and I used to make jokes to my friends about me having a boy body and we would all laugh but deep down it hurt…I hated being that girl but I thought I had to be her if I wanted to appear female. I was scared to be the real me because I thought they’d tease me again. Over the course of this past month and a half I’ve realized that how other people see me doesn’t matter as long as I’m able to love myself and I see that it was all because of you and the always lovely Rupaul. So again I just wanted to say thank you to you.

    I hope you’re doing fantastic when you read this 🙂

    A huge and loving fan, Ellie.

  36. Charlotte Jenner says :

    Michelle, you have inspired me for many years and have brought me out of tough times. You are and Angel completely and have a halo above your head. I love you so much and I really hope you can reply. Thank you for everything you do and saving many people from being introvert ❤️

  37. ROGER says :

    Congrats to the show for Ru’s recognition as a host! It is an EPIC move forward!!!!!!!

  38. djsidsinister says :

    Hey Michelle!
    I just happened to stumble across a YouTube video of you on a “80’s Ladies” panel for DragCon and you really took me back in a good way with your story. I grew up in Arkansas in the 80’s (also loving Teena Marie – thank you very much!) and moved to L.A. right after high school, and found my way into the travel industry, affording me the ability to fly to NYC for the weekend to go dancing with friends at places like The Red Zone, Limelight and others. I can just see New York back in the day when you talk about Seduction (which I loved as well). I was also a club kid of the “Jewel’s Catch One” fame in L.A., and the underground scene with “The Apartment” and “Arena” of Christian Farrow and April LaRue fame. Oh geez, miss those Jomanda and Armando days…LOLOL… Anyway, I just appreciate who you are and have become, and most especially your recent outreach to the gay kid recently kicked out of their home recently. You are a class act!

    Much love, and keep dancing!
    DJ Sid Sinister

  39. BamaTwoDads says :

    Dear Mrs. Visage,

    My name is Jeff and my family and I are huge fans. My family consists of me (Jeff), my husband (Bill) and our son (Robert 10 Years old). We are an LGBT family living in the Deep South. So that tells you how diverse it is here. My husband and I have had to deal with homophobia our whole lives. From being called fags, etc. To the extreme side I f it as well. My husband has been stabbed in the leg. I was walking down the side walk going to a night club and a car drove by doing about 40mph and the passenger threw an unopened water bottle, hitting me in the back with suck force it exploded as the drove on screaming “Fag”. When my son was born I wanted nothing more than to have him christened (If you are not familiar with this ceremony it is where the parents stand with their child and introduce them to the church and dedicate them to G_d. Historically it is where the child received their name as well.) in the same place that I was, which was my family’s church where a lot of family members attend and people that I have known my entire life. Bill and I spoke to the preacher told him our situation and asked if he would Christen our son. He said he would be honored to. After he christened our son, the church got together, fired him and closed the doors of the church, withdrew from the conference and open as an independent church. They wanted to make sure that they would never have to do something like that again.

    Before our son started school we tried getting him in a preschool. The interview went well but afterwards they told us by letter that they could not accept him because of behavioral issues. He had never been there before so how could they know if he had behavioral issues? Come to find out it was because we had put down our names and they did not like seeing a same-sex couple as the parents.

    One of the ones that hurt me even more so regarding my child was involving a family member. One of my uncles is a preacher (heck, you can’t throw a stick in my family without hitting a preacher) and my mother went to his church. One Sunday the church was having their homecoming, my mother invited us to go to church with her. Bill had to work but my son and I went to church with her, we stayed and ate lunch with them, and stayed for the singing. We actually had a pretty good time. After that Sunday the church got together and they decided to go to my mom and tell her not to ask us back anymore because I was gay. At the time one of my cousins went to that church and he stood up and argued the point for us saying that we were good people and if they truly thought something was wrong, as christians (yes I know it is a lower case “c”. I do that when talking about these kinds of people) they should pray for us and not turn us away. My uncle did not stand up for us at all. So needless to say we never went back to church there and my mom also stopped going. As you can see a lot of times our son only gets to see straight families and their community and we want to teach him that the LGBT community is a rich and beautiful community. What I would love to do is find out how to get an autographed picture of you for our son. We are trying to build him and autograph portfolio of celebrities who are either LGBT or LGBT friendly. We have tried contacting some of the drag queens as well and we’ve only had a response from one. You are multi-talented and I think you could be a wonderful role model in the sense that you have proven you can accomplish what you want to accomplished if you try and also showing that their are straight people out there that accept and love our community.

    The Bama 2 Dads

  40. amyputman3146 says :

    Your book was EVERYTHING!
    Thank you for sharing your true visage with the world in such an eloquent, humourous, and touching way.
    Reading your words brought light and happiness to a time of serious illness.
    You are a gift to humanity.
    Love you, girl.

  41. Abbie .C says :

    Hello Michelle,

    I just wanted to say I thought your vogue dance on strictly was inspirational and meant a lot to me as someone of the LGBT+ community. Dont listen to any of those who tell you otherwise!
    You are a huge inspiration to me and please keep being you.

    Lots of love and hugs

    1. Hannah Lee says :

      Hiya Michelle, just wanted to say thank you I have very little confidence in myself but reading your book and watching drag race UK has helped me a great deal so I just want to say thank you for everything lots of love Hannah xxx

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